How you can help

The main aim of this adventure is to raise at least £1,000 for Breakthrough100 so the most important way you can help is

  • to donate some money. To make this easy I have created a page on JustGiving

    Click on the image and please donate via Just Giving

You can help by supporting the journey

  • have a look at the route map and if you can offer me somewhere to park the campervan for the night during one of the overnight stops, please get in touch with Anne ( and we’ll add you to the adventure team!

You can join the walk

  • if you want to join for a day, or longer, or shorter, then contact Anne ( and we’ll add you to the walking party.

You can hear me talk

  • I’m happy to talk to business groups along the route, either in an evening or during a lunch stop, or on a rest day. I wont charge a fee for speaking but I would like those attending to donate what they can to the charity

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